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Application Nassau Village

Application for Correction of Village Assessment 2020/21

I hereby authorize Property Tax Guardian LLC to process my application for correction/challenge of Village assessment in calendar year 2020, immediately, and to act as my exclusive agent, with the Village’s Board of Assessment Review (BAR), or
Small Claims Assessment Review (SCAR), of the Supreme Court, State of New York. The assessment being challenged relates to the Village’s tentative and final assessment rolls for the 2020/21 tax year. I authorize my Village’s BAR to communicate directly with PTG in all matters relating to this application, as well as issuance of a refund check directly to PTG on my behalf.

1- Eligibility. A person named in the records of the Nassau County Clerk as a homeowner, or that persons authorized agent. A person who is in contract to purchase a home, or the estate of a deceased homeowner is eligible under law to receive a tax assessment reduction and a property tax refund. The property must be a 1, 2 or 3 family home used for residential purposes. If you are in one of these categories you may sign this agreement.

2- Service to be performed. You are not required by law to use a tax reduction service in order to file or receive an assessment reduction/property tax refund. By signing this agreement, however, you are directing Property Tax Guardian LLC (not affiliated with any municipality) to prepare and file your BAR complaint, to represent you at any and all proceedings which includes the filing of the petitions, preparation of market analysis, and to physically appear on your behalf at all settlement conferences or Court hearings as necessary. PTG will prepare all forms required by the municipality for processing of a refund check, minus all fees due, and forward the balance to you within 30 days of our receipt of said municipality refund check.

3- Notification of tax reduction. PTG will make every reasonable effort to communicate the terms of any offer of settlement made by the Village and their representatives/attorneys during the tax assessment review proceeding as required by law. I fully authorize PTG to negotiate a settlement on my behalf.

4- Fee for service. PTG does not charge a fee if there is no reduction. All Village cases require a $30 NYC Court filing fee. If successful, I agree to pay a fee equal to 100% of the assessment reduction/tax savings, for 1 year, within 30 days of notice by PTG and to pay such fee in the event I sell the home in question without providing the buyers information to PTG in a timely manner, so they may attempt to have the case transferred. If a refund check is issued, PTG will take their fees from the refund check provided refund amount sufficiently covers the fee. Savings are calculated free of any exemptions, even if exemptions are in place at the County or NY State level.

5- Cancellation: No cancellation fees are charged if requested in writing before the BAR Petition has been filed. If canceled after, a $300 fee applies. All cased withdrawn or canceled due to duplicate filing/representation agree to pay a $300 cancellation

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